Friday, September 6, 2013

Blue Jasmine 2013 [English] [DVDRip].720p Torrent Download

Blue Jasmine (2013)

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Blue Jasmine torrent

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Year: 2013
Genre: Drama
Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins

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A life crisis is a social butterfly at the head of San Francisco, where she reconnects with her sister.
Just today saw Woody Allen's latest film in theaters and after all these years still has not lost his touch. Cate Blanchett totally stole the show here, to be the most interesting character by far. What a powerful and emotional performance (best ive seen from her!) There are a few funny moments include it, but you will also find the position shes depression, even damaging their mental health. I also really enjoyed the way Woody tells the story always go back and forth in time. The extension was truly devastating and as usual, the conversation some of the highlights of this film. Blue Jasmine is definitely much better than Woody previous work in Rome with love, I thought it was pretty weak overall. I'm glad to see this great film director back in top form with another outstanding film again.

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