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American Beauty 1999 English [DVDRip].XViD Torrent Download

American Beauty (1999)

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American Beauty torrent

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Year: 1999
Genre: Drama
Director: Sam Mendes
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch

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Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to change his hectic life around after developing a passion for his daughters attractive friend.
American Beauty is a movie adventure. Sam Mendes brilliant debut captures network characters, aspiring to his American dream - but in the end only one character actually reaches it.Having saw happiness recently, I could not help but compared: the center of the film around a microcosm of the society in which people in their own unique way, all trying to be successful or just happy. But there the similarity ends: Figures in happiness through the process of self-realization, which are becoming more aware of their meaningless existence, and move on to hang out in their depravity. Fortune shows no signs of redemption, while the American audience beauty offer a sense of hope, salvation, though the characters have to endure the same fate, or, more precisely, to bear the image of life in which the central figure trapped.The that sub The facility centers, the father Lester, Kevin Spacey played flawlessly. We are introduced to some loser who has won the images at work and at home. He seems resigned to an unhappy life, which has been mistreated his wife and daughter and his šéfv work. Apparently incorrigible, Lester turns out that loser.Mendes illustrates this transformation is surprisingly good: Leicester shows on his path to enlightenment pushed against the cruel existence suburban background. These early scenes are well balanced for a stable rhythm characteristics, such as television commercials featuring a very funny, but sometimes annoying. Lester is reflected in the film: Maya life as advertising. And how it rings true: as in happiness, all the characters are hidden beneath this veneer of normality and respect, and yet all of them were nothing more than vice versa, depression, and desperate.Lesters depraved woman, played by Annette Benning, is the greatest achievement-driven character in the story, making it the most desperate of the lake there is no film of moral convictions. In order to be successful in life you need to reflect the appearance of success is the principle that the property taken from the King, Buddy King. It's a phrase that resonates throughout the film: pawn Bennings, life is all about execution of decency. This is where it differs from Leicester: exemption authorized him drop constraints of everyday life and the fact that his heart desires.Lester catalyst in this story in which the characters of both parties to follow (as well as his daughter and Ricky) or pay (as well as his wife and Colonel). Tkvejúcich irony in this film, and with the increase in resonance as the film nears its conclusion, this is the only character who actually get to sacrifice everything in order to achieve it. However, because of their sacrifice, he can afford the surviving symbol of hope in life.This movie left me gasping for breath: the hyper-realism expresses, at the same time, while a portrait of urban comedy, shock-shock realization, and laxative a sense of hope. Mendes reflects some of the people who, to varying degrees, we all aspire to a certain American dream, but so few actually achieve it. Although at the time as one may have trouble labeling this movie to feel good label, American Beauty is beauty, it is located halfway between the desperate cries for help and soothing feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and it is a film in the best possible way.

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