Thursday, July 18, 2013

Romeo + Juliet 1996 [English] (DVD-R) x264 Torrent Download

Romeo + Juliet (1996)

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Romeo + Juliet torrent

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Year: 1996
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, John Leguizamo

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Shakespeare's famous play is updated to the hip modern suburb of Verona still retaining its original dialogue.
Very insufficient modernization of the classic Shakespeare play. This movie was pretty heavily criticized for outlandishness directors in the film, but he knows when to soften the often frantic pace of the narrative during the dramatic scenes, but in fact, this ratio tends to expand its potency. Beautifully choreographed and shot, beautifully acted both the main and supporting cast 2 stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, and very clever modernization of methods of dialogue. All Elizabethan dialogue remains the same, but it all seems coherent modern atmosphere. mainly due to the good shots and the double meaning of the phrase (for example: the swords gun model or flash the cash and gold quote.). One of the best adaptations of Shakespeare's many of which are included in the cinema in recent years.

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