Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Midnight in Paris 2011 English.DVD-R.720p Torrent Download

Midnight in Paris (2011)

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Midnight in Paris torrent

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Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Kurt Fuller

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But on a trip to Paris with her fiance? With family, nostalgic screenwriter arrived mysteriously goes back to 1920 every day at midnight.
There is something about midnight, something special, mystical and magical. In the case of this wonderful film, its impact is fully realized, as we see our protagonist suddenly realize that he has the opportunity to face the fact that you really admire, treasures and dreams. In the first scene, he expressed his desire to settle in the city of lights, and we know it will not be easy. The girlfriend, and he differ greatly in their assessment of what being in the middle of Paris. She understands her special, perhaps from the point of view of the aristocracy. You may be looking at it as a dream place for an artist to find the desire to fulfill his artistic goals.One night, he wanders the streets of Parise find yourself lost, only to find save yourself a party night socialites who turn out to be well known in some literary circles. Then, the writer / aspiring writer has the ability to see yourself living your dreams, and slowly get some amazing ideas as more and more discover that their new friends can be very but the most important is that your dreams into fact. The film is set in various time periods, and Paris glows intensely seductive and in each of them. For its cloudy skies and reflective streets, showing the beautiful architectural details and its magnificent views to the excellent and beautiful recreations of older periods, one can not being seduced, delighted and inspired to find a way to show that special place and therefore it is a truly magical film can be.Performances are excellent throughout, with new Cotillard stole the screen every second. His eyes and carefully delivered lines, we understand that attracted us to this special time and place. She is beautiful and very talented artist, you can actually be aware of what it's worth, but do not stop there. It attracts many types, but their philosophy is unique, move on, enjoy, live in the moment. In a sense, it is the city that inspired Allen and many others before him. Paris as the place may not be aware of its magnetism, its beauty and its power. Cotillard muse is the human equivalent perfect, stunning and powerful woman who moves from person to person, from place to place, from time to time, and we are surprised that their wishes at the end of the live story.Wilson Allen persona, and makes a very good job, and do not create a tired imitation annoying cliché? This could ruin the perfect balance of sight, sound and insightful dialogue, keeping the masterpiece of best paths to follow Allen suggested above. For those of us who suffocated during a fantasy sequence in The Purple Rose of Cairo, a wonderful scene recreated in Bullets Over Broadway, opening relations in many of his best films, get ready to see it all finally come together, as he chooses the best, and add your personal contact with many smart and funny observations, Wilson delivered an honest and full of a sense of wonder. Unlike many of its leading men, Wilson shows the innocence that allows us to see him and his adventures in the fresh light.Midnight in Paris, a beautiful demonstration of the magic of cinema can really create a sense of admiration far from contemporary cinema, a film that entertains, teaches and conducts its elements, as in Paris captivates with every light, every facade, and every heart beat your MU , sition.

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