Thursday, May 23, 2013

42 2013 English DVD-R (480p) Torrent Download

42 (2013)

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Year: 2013
Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport
Director: Brian Helgeland
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie

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Life Story of Jackie Robinson and his history with the signing of Brooklyn Dodgers executive management team Rickey.
Im a black man aged now, and sometimes I wonder if young people it.I was born in Richmond, VA and Im one (1) generation removed segregation. So I was impressed with the performance of these new players. Chadwick Boseman & Nicole Beharie did a magnificent job portraying the grace and courage of Robinsons.I could not have done it. Boseman has a strange resemblance to Jackie and his performance was so visceral that proved to me that I could not do it.I would not have the courage to confront racism not to fight. It would have patience to wait for my time, until the people decided that it was time to see me as more than a sub-human. I absolutely do not asumiríao risk playing a game, while men threatened my wife and child.When Jackie finally got brave enough to crush the stick against a wall, which was all that I could relate to - then realized I had to go there, because it was much more than he - I was amazed by his courage.This is more than a movie about baseball. The nuances like to see people in second class is still being processed to keep Robinson in full-on dress Sunday service was heartbreaking to me.The film is not just about the mother is Jackie.My New York and she was 7 years old when Jackie joined the Dodgers . She remembers that clearly.Its obvious why (as I did) take their children to see this movie because it shows what happened and how far we have come. For me, it shows what other people have done for me, that I could not do it myself.This film has some cheesy parts to it - like most films of this ilk, it disinfects and some things do not tie a beautiful bow glossed over some issues in recreation ..... It does not mean that it is a damn good film.Im very cynical these days. It is often that I watch a movie with a ball in the throat time. I owe it to the young actors who portray the people of my grandparents generation with style, class and urgency.I get this movie when it becomes available and that date can not come soon.

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