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The Five-Year Engagement 2012 Eng.DVDRip (x264) Torrent Download

The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

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The Five-Year Engagement torrent

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Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Starring: Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt

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A year after meeting, Tom established his girlfriend, Violet, but the unexpected choices offend them as they look to go to the altar together.
There is a risk when the romantic comedy is introduced with the truth. Too little, and it feels like a desperate attempt to give credibility to the film. More and it starts to feel uncomfortable as a comedy buried in what appears to be a series of lessons of life. Five Year Engagement trying to find a balance between comedy and truth and a little more than two hours, almost succeeds.Thats says the film is bad. Its from it, especially in comparison with that usually extends for a romantic comedy these days. Its wires (Emily Blunt and Jason Segel) have amazing chemistry, light and directed by Nicholas Stoller (who co-wrote with Segel) uses a talented supporting cast to add a new perspective and layers that are very easy story.Violet (Blunt) is a post-doctoral student. Tom (Segel) is a rising star chef in San Francisco. They are engaged in its first year and although most romantic comedies end here, the five-year engagement does what romantic comedy is not able to do - it shows what happens after the happy. By doing so, we shall see, every seam, crack and bump in their relationship, from Toms dissatisfaction with the work of leaving his dream to follow Violet after she receives a scholarship to the University of Michigan, for violets growing frustration as changes in volumes during his one relocation . Its Segel and Stoller loans that situations may arise organically and do not feel compelled to outrageous, but when things start to deteroriate, we just did not see it coming, we have a solemn nod, because it is a film inevitable.The have a problem, though, and they almost turn over the film. One of the most glaring is the time. The film is an hour in just over two hours, and you feel exhausting every minute of it. The pace and editing a near disaster and the time, watching it feels more like a chore than a good time. This is partly because the film, while the price of a romantic comedy only funny in spurts. Serious truths of being in a relationship at the center of attention, which in itself is not a thing bad, but the comedy is actually drawn down.The end of the film is typical romantic comedy sentimentality, though, as the filmmakers grabbed his powerlessness, I thought, hey, do not you make a comedy? and the film wisely concluded in a satisfactory end note.In Quirky, fun Five-Year Engagement helpful, but maybe it was much more than they were able to reach a delicate balance that they were trying to for.Daniel

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